Our proposal

Airfield Quarry

Hills Quarry Products and Farmcare Trading Limited have submitted a planning application to Gloucestershire County Coucil to develop a sand and gravel quarry at the old airfield near the villages of Marston Meysey and Down Ampney, Gloucestershire.

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Full details of the application can be viewed and comments submitted on the Gloucestershire County Council website here using planning application reference number 21/0032/CWMAJM.


Our proposals:

bullet Extract  sand and gravel over approximately 13 years once initial site works are completed.
bullet Restoration will take circa 25 years starting when Phase 1 extraction is 50% complete.
bullet Overall life of the development is estimated to be 26.5 years.
bullet Area to be extracted including the plant site and silt lagoons is 178 hectares.
bullet  Sand and gravel will be dug using a loading shovel and transported by field conveyors to the processing plant reducing noise, dust and use of fossil fuels
bullet Maintaining mineral activities in the area will secure around 50 jobs directly plus additional work to other local businesses.

Special considerations:

bullet The restoration proposed will introduce a wide range of new habitats giving substantial gain to the wider environment.
bullet The archaeology and cultural heritage of the site have been considered including the history of the airfield.
bullet  Flood storage capacity has been increased in the event of high rainfall.


To see a phasing plan of the proposed Quarry click here

To see a plan of the proposed restoration click here